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Evernote Password Breach


A notice to all PC-Therapy customers: Evernote has had a breach in their security and account passwords could have been leaked. If you have an account with Evernote, log in on their website and change your password immediately. If you used that same password on any other online accounts, you should change them as well. Give us a call at 506-1116 if you have any questions.

A note to Android users


Please make sure your contacts are being backed up! I recommend synchronizing your contacts with your main Gmail account; the one you used when you set up your phone.

Go into the settings in your contacts, or the “People” app, and choose the default location for your contacts, such as your main Google account. When you go to create a new contact, you’ll be able to select the location of the contact. You can access your Google contacts from in your web browser.

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Windows Updates


Just a reminder to all our costumers-

Make sure you’re Windows installation is up to date! Follow these simply instructions to run a manual check for updates.

Windows XP Users

Click Start – All Programs – Windows Update (At the top)

This will open a webpage in Internet Explorer where you can review and install updates.

Windows Vista and Windows 7 Users

Click Start – All Programs – Windows Update

This will open the Windows Update panel. Click Check for Updates on the left, and install all available updates.

Windows 8 Users

Hover to the bottom right corner and click on the Settings charm. Click Change PC Settings. Click Windows Update on the bottom left corner and Check for updates now.

Holiday Hours 2012


We will be closed Monday through Wednesday, the 24th, 25th, and 26th, and re-opening Thursday the 27th with regular hours.

We will also be closed Monday December 31st and Tuesday January 1st for New Years. Happy holidays from PC-Therapy!


Password Securty


With so much of our information online, secure passwords are crucial. PC-Therapy recommends LastPass, which is a plugin that generates and stores secure passwords for all your online accounts. If LastPass doesn’t interest you, please be sure your online passwords include as many types of characters as possible, including upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers, and even symbols. Also, check out this article on the 25 most commonly used passwords, and be sure yours isn’t one of them!


Ditch Internet Explorer For Improved Security


Although Internet Explorer is included with your Windows operating system, there are free alternative programs for browsing the internet.  Mozilla’s Firefox and Google’s Chrome browsers are two of the most popular.  Downloading the newest version of these two will be more secure for general website browsing than using older versions in Internet Explorer.  If you are still using Windows XP, you cant even update to Internet Explorer 9, so be safer and download a browser alternative.  We have links to these in our “Tips” section.


A way to help prevent getting your computer infected

One of the many ways to avoid getting a virus is to keep all of you software up to date. Not only does this include your Windows updates, but also for software such as Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash, Java and your web browser. Updates for these programs help to fix holes in their security.


Windows 8


Windows 8

Microsoft will be releasing Windows 8 October 26.  For information on their new product visit their website here:

Our Hours


We are open Monday – Friday 8:30 to 5:00

Walk-ins are welcome!